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About Us




Transcend as an ethical business consulting firm that offers comprehensive and innovative solutions while staying true to its values and promoting the well-being of its partners, customers and shareholders in the globalized market.



Consolidate INTEVO’s leadership as one of the most successful and influential business consulting firms both in the national and the international market. We aim to become a benchmark for other companies through innovation and development, competitiveness, productivity, sustainability, profitability and cutting-edge technology.



Human Capital

A strategic asset that must be managed by highly experienced professionals

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We create value by applying our knowledge, talent and expertise both inside and outside our customers’ organizations, which promotes top performance and a highly competitive work environment

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We enforce the local, federal and international legal framework to take charge of situations that demand mediation or timely legal resolution, with minimal consequences for yourself or your company

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Corporate Governance and Compliance

A guiding principle that validates your company’s good practices and protects it by complying with the law, which is the first step on the path towards sustainable success

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Human Resources

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